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Push notifications set up

1. Check if your device supports this feature.

Notifications are supported in modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari on the following operating systems:
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS
Web notifications are not (yet) supported by iOS and iPadOS. We are waiting for Apple to improve these platforms.

2. Please check if notifications are allowed for your browser.

Go to Settings » Apps » Your browser » Notifications » Turn on.

Windows, MacOS
Open the browser » Settings » Notifications (please check if they are not blocked).

3. Please open Mahnem Settings and click the Enable button in Web notifications section.

If the browser asks you to allow notifications for Mahnem, please allow them.

If the settings indicate that notifications are enabled, please turn them off and on again, because it is possible that they were enabled in another browser or device.

Please, enable the notifications on the device on which you want to receive them. For example, if you enable notifications on a desktop computer, then it will be the only device receiving them.

If you accidentally blocked Mahnem notifications in your browser, then you can enable them in the browser settings » Sites » mahnem.ru.
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