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Privacy Policy

29 Noveber 2019
These rules contain information on how your (hereinafter: "user") data is collected and processed on websites: dovezu.ru, mahnem.ru, mahnem.com and zhivem.ru (hereinafter, collectively: "service"), which are developed and supported by their owner (hereinafter: "we").

1. The data we collect

1.1. Cookies.
We use cookies, which store information on a user's device. This data contains the settings for the interface language and search form, as well as the login and account ID.

1.2. Account information.
We store data in the user's personal account, which includes:
  • Name, email, gender, date of birth and location of the user,
  • Account settings: permission to receive notifications from the website and the visibility of account data,
  • Search settings.
1.3. Data we collect automatically.
We save the history of the user's use of the service, including the pages viewed on the website.

1.4. Data that the user choose to give us.
Optionally, the user can add additional data to their account, such as:
  • Personal photo
  • Ads,
  • Interests and preferences,
  • Messages sent to other users,
  • Bookmarks: the owner of the ad can see who bookmarked it,
  • List of blocked accounts (blacklist),
  • Review and complaints,
  • Messages sent to our support team.

2. How we use the collected data

2.1. Cookies.
The data we store in cookies improves usability of the service: authorization of the user, saving search settings and interface language.

2.2. Account Information.
Storing account information on the server improves the search quality and other features of the service:
  • The user name is necessary for other users to contact the person,
  • The user's email is necessary for us to communicate with the person, including: sending important information about the account, restoring access to the account, notification of new messages and comments.
  • The gender, age, and location of the user are necessary for generating search results and adding ads in which these parameters are required. The user's date of birth is not displayed in the public domain and is used solely for calculating age.
2.3. Data we collect automatically.
The information collected automatically helps us provide the most convenient user interface. We also collect this data in accordance with the law, which requires us to store records of user actions for a certain time.

2.4. The data that the user choose to give us.
The information added to the account helps the user get the most relevant search results and the most suitable responses from other users.

3. Exchange of information with third parties

3.1. Confidentiality.
We do not send user data to third parties, except as noted in this section. At the same time, third parties can obtain information about users located on the service in the public domain.

3.2. Data transmitted when paying for services.

When the user pays for commercial services, we send the payment system the number and type of the ad, as well as the user ID. This data is in the public domain. The data that the user enters on the payment page is transmitted directly to the payment system, we receive only information about the status of the payment: completed or canceled.

3.3. Data passed to advertisers.
The service uses the contextual advertising systems, namely Google Adsense and the Yandex Advertising Network, which publish ads based on the code embedded in the service’s pages. This code allows the systems to collect information about the service’s pages viewed by the user.

3.4. Authorization using social networks.

When signing in through social networks, such as Facebook and VK, we simplify the process of creating an account on the service by receiving from the social network account the minimum information required for the registration. The structure of this information and the purpose of its use are specified in paragraphs 1.2 and 2.2 of these rules.

4. Deleting information

We store the user information as long as it is relevant for improving the quality of the service provided to the user, as well as in accordance with the law prescribing to store the data for a certain time. A user may delete their account, after which all his account data will disappear from public access, however, some of the data will be stored on our server. If desired, the user can request a complete deletion of their data from the server by contacting our support team.

5. Security

We do our best to safely store user information in such a way that it can be used only within the scope of these rules. If user suspects unauthorized access to their account, we strongly recommend to contact our support team.

6. Changes to these rules

In order to improve the quality of service and the transparency of user data processing, we reserve the right to change these rules, by indicating the date of the last change on the document page.
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